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Many people believe that Paid Advertising is the king of traffic.

Obviously, paid traffic is effective, but here’s the problem…

paid traffic is extremely expensive!

Yes, click prices are skyrocketing, and unless you have a huge budget, you won’t be able to afford it.

Besides, Facebook or Google will cause you headaches with so many compliance policies in place, making it impossible to promote other people’s offers.

What can you do?

Focus on what really works…

DOA Ads?

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Many Business Owners understand the importance of Mall Branding, But they don’t know how to advertise in mall.

To stay abreast of increasing competition and the use of digital technologies, OOH (Out Of Home) has also undergone a remarkable transformation in the form of DOOH (Digital Out Of Home), which aims to open up a lot of possibilities, experiments, and creativity to advertisers. 

When the world is transforming digitally then, what are you waiting for? Now, you can attract maximum people and get the most responsive audience with DOA (Digital Outdoor Advertising). It showcases your brand with the help of appealing advertisements providing you a way to success. 

With DOA, you can display your ads through LED screens on chilling and hanging out places like malls so that maximum users can easily get to know about your brand.

What is Outdoor Advertising?

OOH is a form of outdoor advertising. If you see an advertisement outside your home (which is not on your mobile), then it is a part of OOH Advertising.

Although OOH was a great way to get your brand to the people, now, with the development of digital advertising, the influence of OOH has reduced a bit.

These days’ people have become very advanced, and they like to see digital ads more than faded posters on walls or benches. OOH solves this problem and combines it with Digital Outdoor Advertising to make it a powerful tool for advertisers and marketers. 

If you want to promote your brand digitally, then look at this blog and know why DOA is better than OOH and DOOH and how it can help you reach your brand to maximum people without disturbing your bank balance.

Best 5 Outdoor Advertising Example

Types of Outdoor Advertising: 

  1. Billboards: Billboards advertising refers to the ads displayed on billboards to promote your brand or service. They are also known as hoardings. These billboards are generally displayed at high-traffic areas such as highways, trains, and subways. The reason for doing so is to reach and attract the maximum audience.

The commonly viewed billboards you see next to freeways, interstates, highways, and other heavily traveled areas are part of OOH. Drivers and pedestrians can easily view these. 

2. Street furniture: The ads pasted on bus stops, newsstands, kiosks, transit shelters, bus shelters, phone kiosks, etc., are part of OOH advertising. Pedestrians and drivers can easily view them as they are placed at the eye level of potential customers. They are effective but not more than DOA because they can be easily replaced by other posters or destroyed in case of rain. 

3. Wallscapes: Wallscape advertising is the combo of Billboard and Entertainment Extravaganza and is more impressive than Billboard. They are the ads printed and attached to the walls. It is the most unique and impressive of all OOH advertisements. These ads are placed on the side of buildings, parking garages, construction sites, and other structures. 

4. Wild Postings: Have you ever seen the ads displayed on telephone poles, crosswalks, and street lights? These are the parts of wild posting, i.e., OOH advertising. 

Wild posting is street-based advertising where posters are pasted on telephone poles, crosswalks, barricades, etc. They add color to an often gray urban landscape. 

The reason behind advertising here is that there is nothing else to attract the people. In such a situation, the chances of people getting attracted to your ads increase. 

5. Transit advertising: Transit advertising means displaying ads on public transport or near public transportation areas. This method allows you to display ads anywhere on the sides of buses, trains, taxes, subway cars, etc. The most significant benefit of transit advertising is that it attracts riders and encourages them to purchase your brand and service.

With the increasing use of the internet, digital technology has made us aware of some of its disadvantages. 

Top 5 Disadvantage of Outdoor Advertising

Disadvantages of Outdoor Advertising:

  1. Dullness: OOH advertising is very dull, and that’s why they fail to attract people. There is no sound and no video in it. It can be easily ignored and thrown anywhere. 

2. Harmful for the environment: OOH requires a lot of paper and ink harvested from trees and come from chemicals, respectively. Both of these take a lot of time, and their process is also quite expensive. 

Apart from this, they are also not suitable for the environment because these print media continuously accumulate in the landfills, increasing pollution.

3. Easily avoidable: OOH ads are easily ignorable and replaceable. We cannot edit these ads at our convenience, and they can only be replaced. At the same time, you can change or edit the digital ad without replacing it. 

People throw pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, and other print ads anywhere without even reading them, so their life span is also very short.

4. Expensive: Vehicles and distributors are needed to reach these OOH ads to the people, which costs money. That’s why this type of advertising is costly.

5. Unable to reach target audience: When it comes to OOH advertising, it has many limitations as it has to be delivered to the customers, whereas the public comes to the DOA itself.

From OOH to DOOH: There is no doubt that OOH has become an excellent way for brand advertising and getting favorable results for companies. Despite providing excellent results to the companies, OOH has some drawbacks also which affect its success. 

With the growing digital revolution, the company needs to connect with the customers 24*7, be it online or offline. And this need paves the way to DOOH. 

OOH has transformed into DOOH to allow you to reach the same audience but with more flexibility and efficiency. 

It is a one-to-many medium for advertisers. This revolution has brought immense possibilities, experiments, and creativity but has some drawbacks also. Let’s see:

Other Forms of Outdoor Advertising

What is Digital Outdoor of Home Advertising?

DOOH stands for Digital Out-of-Home Advertising. It includes all types of digital media like billboards, small digital signboards, TV screens, or digital kiosks located in the busiest places and easily accessible to the audience. 

DOOH is more engaging than OOH because it goes everywhere where people visit. DOOH covers places like airports, bus stations, railway stations, and shopping malls because it gets higher footfalls. People spend a lot of time in these places, giving more importance to these ads.

Unfortunately, DOOH also has some drawbacks, which make it less effective but more engaging than OOH.  

What Are The Difference Between OOH & DOOH:

OOH is a traditional mode of advertisement displayed via transportation spots, routes, commercial spaces, etc.

DOOH is also a mode of advertising with digital elements, which makes it more effective. It uses digital screens like elevator screens, digital billboards, and television screens to convey its messages to a broader audience.

The ad in OOH and DOOH is static and dynamic, respectively. In OOH, the ad is placed in the same form without any change or creativity. Anyone can remove it easily. In DOOH, the ads are displayed through a digital screen with several animated images and remain there for a specific time. You can make it a more energetic, interactive, and lively advertising source. It’s the plus point is that the regular audience cannot remove it.

Despite being so effective compared to OOH, DOOH has some disadvantages, which can be solved with DOA (we will talk about DOA later). 

What are the Disadvantages of DOOH:

  1. Static: DOOH advertising is static as you can’t make changes in it at your convenience. There is no proper or complete message in this. They have some messages which keep floating on the screen repeatedly. Due to this, many people sometimes miss important messages in their absence. Either their messages keep changing so quickly that many people can’t even read them in such a short period. In short words, we can say that we have no control over it.

2. Low-quality: DOOH includes pixelated screen results in reducing its quality and making it less effective. In today’s digital era, everyone wants to see an ad or video of high quality. In this case, displaying a low-quality ad can reduce engagement and result in fewer conversion leads.

3. Less appealing: These ads are less attractive due to having a lot of pixels and their static nature. In this modern era, the time has come to do something unique and engaging, which is possible only with dynamic and high-quality advertisement. 

4. High maintenance costs: DOOH has higher maintenance costs as they are located outside and get damaged by natural disasters like heavy rain, thunderstorm, storm, etc. These natural disasters cause a lot of damage to these ads requiring maintenance. Now, it is obvious that the maintenance of these ads increases the costs of labor and materials.

5. Involves broadcasting complications: DOOH has a lot of broadcasting complications. To advertise an ad through DOOH, you must first contact the advertising company. Then they will search for the perfect location to display your ad, remove the pre-installed ad, and much more. This makes DOOH more complicated than DOA. 

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DOA is a one-step procedure involving IoT-based solutions to help you advertise your brand or service more efficiently. 

Now, when you have seen how many drawbacks of DOOH are there, it is justified that you will look at the solution to these drawbacks. The key to all this is with DOA, a new version of DOOH that has revolutionized the world of advertising. This method is the best method among all advertising methods to advertise your product and service or reach as many people as possible. Want to know how?

Let’s take a deeper look at DOA:

What is Digital Outdoor Advertising?

Have you ever visited malls?

If yes, you must have seen attractive, engaging, and appealing ads on the big LED screens there. These ads are called Digital Outdoor Advertising. These ads are mostly shown in malls because many people visit here with a buying mindset. 

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The mall is an ideal platform to display your ad as people of every age group visit here. It is the best way to reach your message to a broader audience in a very short period with a very limited media wastage. It helps the customers to make their purchasing decisions by creating an influential presence. 

With the help of mall advertising, you can reach every person present in the mall and encourage them to buy your offerings. According to research, 80% of the audience is really get influenced by mall advertising.

The Mazor Difference between DOOH and DOA:

The only difference between DOA and DOOH is that DOA has more flexibility than DOOH and the quality of its ads is also much better than DOOH. DOA advertising looks very impressive and engaging and is hard to be avoided by people.

DOA is the most appealing and cost-effective way of advertising, having a dynamic and interactive platform. It is easier to use and maintain than OOH and DOOH. It is the best and flexible advertising method for every type of business, irrespective of their size and industry. 

DOA is so effective that it can increase your footfall on a large scale. It can encourage your customers to make purchasing decisions by offering your products or services. It attracts more and more audiences which are not possible with OOH and DOOH. Not only does it increase in attracting maximum customers, but its broadcasting process is also very easy, which we will talk about later. 

Why is Digital Outdoor Advertising So Important?

There was a time when billboards, posters, pamphlets, etc., were used for advertising and proved to be very effective and actionable in attracting maximum customers. But today, the time has changed. Although these advertising methods are also used in today’s digital world, unfortunately, they are no longer effective.

Today’s era is the era of DOA, so investing in advertising modes like billboards, pamphlets, posters are totally useless as they are nothing more than a piece of paper now. 

In traditional advertising like OOH, the same ad image remains fixed in one place for a very long time, which means that they can give only limited information to the people. At the same time, DOA ads are displayed on LED screens in malls in the form of animated images and videos and keep changing after a while. This allows the customers to get all the information about that brand.

DOA advertising is a very interactive, energetic, and vivacious advertising source that can increase your footfall and get your brand recognized all over the world.

If you are thinking about using DOA advertising for your brand, you may also want to know about its benefits. Here, we are going to discuss some key benefits of DOA; let’s have a look:

Benefits of Digital Outdoor Advertising:

DOA advertising can increase the chances of the success of every type of business. Here we look at some of the top benefits that DOA offers, highlighting brands and providing them with essential insights.

  1. Real-time messaging: DOA gives advertisers a chance to update their message anytime, that too in a short time, and you don’t get this feature in OOH. DOOH also provides you with this feature, but you have to go to its location, which is not possible all the time.

2. Dynamic advertising: DOA advertising is extremely dynamic and can be changed or edited at any time. If your ads are not performing well or cannot give you satisfactory results, you can change or edit them.

3. More engaging: In DOA ads, you can change your content every minute or second, that too only with the help of an app or website without going anywhere like DOOH. OOH does not have this facility, which made this static ad stay up for weeks at the same place. These dynamic ads keep the viewers interesting and more receptive towards the ads.

4. Unavoidable: Nowadays, advertisers are trying hard to make their ad reach the maximum number of people, but people skip or change that ad even without seeing them, spoiling all the efforts of advertisers.

If you are also facing the same problem, then you must use DOA as it is an unavoidable mode of advertising. It is so attractive and engaging that nobody can ignore it.

Continuously changing images and videos are the plus point of DOA advertising as it guarantees to reach maximum people and attracts them towards your ad.

5. Durable and cost-effective: DOA advertising is more durable than OOH advertising because it cannot be easily replaced or torn out like OOH. This is because DOA ads are displayed through LED screens inside the malls safely.

Because of its durability, you don’t need to spend again and again on its broadcasting, making it cost-effective advertising.

6. Generate better ROI: The changing digital advertising era has eliminated ad printing requirements, labor cost, maintenance cost, etc. DOA is a result of this digital age having the power to attract maximum customers with no effort. In short, we can say that “Get More (ROI) With Less (Investment).”

7. Weatherproof: These ads are weatherproof as they are displayed in malls, and this quality is the plus point of DOA advertising. Apart from this, DOA’s are prone to vandalism as you can install built-in security cameras and alarms for a more quick response.

After knowing a lot about OOH, DOOH, and DOA, do you still want to ensure that your message is spreading in a crowded area or not? If yes, then pDOA (Programmatic DOA) is for you.

It is a new and unique method of reaching out to maximum customers worldwide. Every type of business can use this advertising method to ensure the accessibility of its content to a broader audience.

Still, Confused?

Want to know about pDOA in detail?

Let’s Understand What is pDOA?

Let’s know from the beginning – what is pDOA, and what does it do?

In earlier times, booking an ad space was a very critical and long process requiring many mediators in between. Apart from this, it was also complicated for them to track the success of their campaigns. Because of all these difficulties, it has proved to be a blocking point in the success of many businesses.

But DOA solved all these problems making the ad space booking easy. 

pDOA is the best platform for users to buy and sell ad space for displaying their digital ads. Before using this pDOA platform, buyers set specific conditions such as how, when, and where they want to display their ads. After the approval of all those conditions, ad space is purchased and delivered automatically. pDOA involves real-time buying and is open to all bidders. The bidder who bids the most gets the opportunity to display their ad. After getting the opportunity, your ad will be delivered and tracked as soon as possible.

Difference between DOA and PDOA:

If we talk about the purpose of DOA and pDOA (Programmatic DOA), then they are the same, to advertise your brand digitally through LED screens displayed in malls. 

Mall advertising is an ideal opportunity to reach out to a broader audience. It is the best way to talk directly to the customers by creating a dominating and influential image.

According to research, Mall Advertising is really very effective and encourages 80% of the audience to make purchasing decisions.

If we talk about the difference between them, then the only difference between them is buying, selling, and advertising. pDOA automates the process of buying, selling, and distributing inventory on a digital screen and provides advanced capabilities to traditional OOH and DOOH.

Wrapping Up:

To make a mark in today’s digital world, you also need to bring a digital change in displaying your ads. If you are using OOH and DOOH advertising methods to publicize your brand, then I must say that you should use DOA and pDOA advertisement methods to make your ad process more flexible and convenient. 

Outhum Media provides you with a platform where you can find ad space for advertising, plan the ad, and expand your brand’s reach.

It is an IoT-based digital advertising solution that can remotely control all your ad content. It has an online accessible centralized control panel, remote monitoring, and Ad booking platform. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DOA?

DOA (Digital Outdoor Advertising) is the advertising platform through which you can display your appealing and engaging video ads on digital LED screens placed in prime locations of the mall.

What is pDOA?

pDOA (Programmatic Digital Outdoor Advertising) is the online platform where you can sell and purchase the ad space through an app or website to display your videos ads on digital LED screens installed in prime locations of the mall.

What is the Primary Disadvantage of Outdoor Advertising?

In outdoor advertising, you cannot see whether your ad is running or not. 

Is outdoor advertising expensive?

Yes, outdoor advertising is very expensive in comparison to DOA (Digital Outdoor Advertising). 

How much does digital outdoor advertising cost?

You can start your DOA campaign only at just Rs. 1

Why is Mall Branding so Important?

Mall branding is very important for creating a higher brand recall and increasing the brand’s awareness.

What is Digital Outdoor Advertising Dominating the Outdoor Industry?

DOA dominates the outdoor advertising industry due to its flexibility, affordability, and remote-monitoring capabilities.

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