70% of Internet users use digital platforms and search engines to understand product trends better and decide where to spend their money. With the evolution of AIoT technologies, this utilization has increased tremendously.

Our team is excited about the rise of Digital Outdoor Advertising — an advertising trend that is transforming across the globe. From LED Advertising solutions to global media networks and audience targeting, our company provides one-of-a-kind solutions for your business needs with our AIoT technology.

The evolution of the Internet, AIoT technologies, and digitalization has completely changed the way people do their shopping today. Consumers are now turning to the Internet for research and product reviews before they commit to purchasing a product or go off-course in search of what they need.

Digital Outdoor Advertising: AIoT-Enabled Mall Advertising Solutions at your Fingertips

Outhum launched a new programmatic platform in India. We’re excited about this new marketing technology called Digital Outdoor Advertising that’s been transforming across the globe as well.

Do you know that the digital outdoor advertising market is expected to reach $60.23 billion dollars by the end of 2030?

I haven’t said this, rather, this has been proved as per the study by Research and Markets.

Digital Outdoor Advertising, or DOA, goes beyond data and statistics – it’s all around us, and it’s impactful. OOH and DOOH advertising has been there for a very long time, but then comes programmatic digital outdoor advertising, pDOA, that has revolutionized the space.

What did DOA do differently to drive the superb growth we are seeing today?

With the rapid digitalization of our daily lives, digital outdoor advertising has gained quick momentum in the last couple of years. However, the Coronavirus pandemic accelerated the digital out-of-home industry acceptance around the world. DOA’s agility, quickness of response, and ingenuity were broadly used in the face of the pandemic’s volatility.

With the DOA platform, advertisers can offer high-powered content in real-time with reduced turnaround cycles. There is no additional requirement of printing and installation costs as traditional billboards, rendering them financially appealing to advertisers.

In this blog, we’ve explored the inevitable growth of digital outdoor advertising and the campaigns that contributed to it. We have also taken an in-depth look at the factors that could play a significant role in the exponential growth of DOA in 2023.

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Comprehensive Guide on Digital Outdoor Advertising:

Let me start with a quick overview of the advertising journey from OOH to DOOH.

How OOH became DOOH: A Brief Overview

Let’s start with Out-of-Home Advertising:

What is OOH?

OOH, out-of-home advertising means to reach people when they are outside of their homes. These ads are the static ones and especially grab the attention of those who are on the go or waiting in high dwell-time locations.

Out-of-home advertising includes billboards, lamp posts, bridges, points of sale, and much more.

However, because of its static nature, it could no longer be able to attract the eyeballs of people, and here comes, DOOH.

What is DOOH?

DOOH, digital out-of-home advertising is also a type of outdoor advertising with the addition of digital elements in it.

DOOH refers to the dynamic and digital ads running in outdoor public places.

Digital billboards and video ads running on roads are one of the best examples of DOOH advertising.

OOH and DOOH have greatly contributed to the advertising industry, but these platforms have some limitations too, which I am going to discuss below.

Major Problems with OOH and DOOH:

The major problem with OOH and DOOH market is that here you are not able to monitor your ad campaign and track the live status of your ads.

The ads on this platform cannot be started or stopped digitally. All these can be done manually by visiting the ad location or contacting third parties.

Apart from all these concerns, their price is the biggest and the most significant one. Most of these campaigns require an initial investment of a minimum 25 thousand (the rest depends on the location), which is unaffordable for many businesses, especially for startups and small business owners.

All these limitations led to the rising of DOA.

With an AIoT-enabled technology, we have devised a DOA platform that solves all these problems and helps to grow their business.

It is the most cost-effective cloud-based platform for advertisers that works on the basis of the Pay Per Slot (PPS) format. Only pay when you advertise.

Let’s understand DOA:

What is Digital Outdoor Advertising?

Do you know that 60% of people claim their purchasing decisions when they visit the mall and come across something interesting?

Don’t you think that this one can prove to be the best opportunity for businesses to boost their brand exposure in front of millions?

There are thousands of brands that do not get enough ROI even after spending tons of money on their advertising campaigns.


Due to the unlimited ads, people see every day.

So, to provide the viewers with an IRL (in real life) experience and make your business stand out from your competitors, you can opt for Digital Outdoor Advertising or DOA. It is an AIoT-based advertising platform that allows advertisers to connect with the people in the premium locations of the most renowned malls by running their ad campaigns on LED screens installed there.

These LEDs are so attractive and engaging that people can’t overlook them at any cost.

This platform is a combination of both, OOH and DOOH advertising along with the latest technologies like AI and IoT, which provides many additional features like:

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Ad Booking Platform
  • Transparent Billing Transactions
  • Online Accessible Centralized Dashboard

DOA primarily focuses on Mall Branding.

Are you getting curious to know, why we choose Mall Branding over Online Advertising?

If yes, then continue scrolling through this article.

Importance of Mall Advertising:

Favorite go-to destination: Malls are the one-stop destination for people as it provides multiple services under a single roof, like watching a movie, enjoying the meal, shopping for their favorite clothes, footwear, accessories, etc. All these things help people to fill their day with utmost pleasure.

This is the reason why malls have become the favorite go-to place for every age group of people.

Branding in the mall helps advertisers to take their brands to people of every age group under a single roof.

Eye-catchy and engaging: The ads running on these LEDs are so attractive and eye-catchy that people can’t overlook them no matter what.

Affordable and durable: Installed in the indoor locations of the malls, these LEDs are entirely safe from outside weather conditions and regular wear and tear by people. This makes it more durable and cheaper because they don’t need regular maintenance and thus has a better life span than other advertising methods.

Now, if I talk about the types of mall branding, then it can be done in varied ways. Now it’s up to you which type of advertisement you will go for.

Remember your selected ad type can make or break the image of your business.


Let me give you a real-life example of this.

Suppose, you are passing through a street in the hot summer season and suddenly start craving for ice cream.

There you saw two shops; one is showing their ads and available ice cream flavors on a digital screen in a very attractive and eye-catchy way, while the other one is showing their ads in a simple static and dull poster.

Which would you go for?

Obviously for the digital screens.

This is how an ad type impacts your sales and revenue.

The above example clearly states that if there is something matters in the end, then it’s only customers and their satisfaction with your offering.

The same is with the types of advertisements used for mall branding.

If your ad type doesn’t have the features and advancements you need to impress your customers, then, believe me, there is no use for it.

This is why many business owners, even after opting for mall advertising to promote their offering, often complain of not achieving the ROI they always aim for.

In my opinion, their ad type may be lacking somewhere. This lacking could be anything, be it not having real-time accessibility, no proper location, faded advertisements, etc.

To sort out all these lacking’s and make their ad campaign works, I would like to advise them to opt for Digital Outdoor Advertising.

Want to know the reasons before my saying?

If yes, then let’s have a quick look at its benefits to get a clear idea of why I am in favor of this.

Why go for Digital Outdoor Advertising?

In digital outdoor advertising, you are not bound to display only a single message. Here, you can create and upload multiple types of ad creatives, like images or videos, to provide a memorable experience to the viewers.

You can create, manage, schedule, and run your DOA campaign at your fingertips by simply visiting the website or app, which makes it the most effective and convenient way of advertising. This is the most prominent point of this advertising because no advertising method can provide such facilities.

With DOA, it’s easier to capture people’s attention as here you can convey your message to the viewers in an attractive and storytelling way.

Now it totally depends on you how attractive and eye-catchy you design your ad creatives.

With Digital Outdoor Advertising, you can advertise your brand by running multiple LED ads simultaneously as these LEDs are placed in various high footfall locations of the mall.

Also, because these LEDs are placed inside the malls, they are entirely safe from external weather calamities, thus eliminating the need for extra charges required for repairing and maintenance.

Cost of Digital Outdoor Advertising for doing Mall Branding:

This one is the most affordable and reasonable platform ever as here you can advertise your brand by start running your ad campaign at just Rs1, that too as per the format of Pay Per Slot (PPS).

This advertising platform shows you the immediate results, and in case you don’t get the targeted ROI, then you can immediately take a step back.

While if we talk about other types of advertising like Out-Of-Home Advertising and Digital Out-of-Home Advertising, then its starting price is a minimum of 25 thousand/month, and they work on a contractual basis.

Here you have to sign an agreement for minimum one month, and even if you are not getting enough ROI, then also you have to continue spending on it till the last date of the agreement.

Well, that’s all about Mall Branding using DOA Ads.

Now, the question is how to start boosting your brand awareness in malls.

Do the advertisers need to contact intermediaries or third parties to do so?

Well, this question is important for those considering this advertising seriously.

And for those, I am going to make it so simple as just putting cherries on a cake.


Providing them with an AIoT-enabled pDOA platform, also known as Programmatic Digital Outdoor Advertising.

What is pDOA?

pDOA is the programmatic process that allows you to buy and sell ad spaces digitally at the level of your comfort zone.

To do so, you don’t need to visit the ad location personally.

With its online accessible centralized platform, this platform makes it easy for you to advertise your brand by running your LED ads in malls only with a single click. You just need to create and upload your ad creatives on it. Try to make your advertisements as creative and appealing as you can. Also, it empowers you to control your ads anytime, anywhere. Whether you want to turn on or off your ad campaign or change the location and time of advertisement, the programmatic digital outdoor advertising platform makes it so simple for you.

How to book the ad spaces on the pDOA platform?

Visit outhum.com or Book using a mobile application that is available in the google play store or iOS store.

Choose the malls and locations where you want to run your advertisements while putting some certain conditions as per your requirement, like timing, duration of slots, frequency of ads, etc.

Finally, proceed with the payment process to give your ad campaign a final look.

As soon as you completed the booking process, the ads will instantly begin to run on the LED screens at your preferred premises of the mall.

As the result of modern and advanced technology like AI, pDOA is not only used for booking ad spaces but also for tracking the live status of your ads.

Its remote monitoring features help the advertiser track whether their ads are running in that particular location or not.

However, many companies out there are providing the same service as ours, I mean to say those who are dealing with Mall Branding. These companies include Times OOH, AdOnMo, and Lemma. Although they are trying hard in their advertising services, but still, have not exceeded the success rate of brand awareness that we have done in such a concise span of time. Not only this, but unfortunately, these companies also lack the facilities and technologies we provide to our customers for the betterment of their business.

This fact is very well known to some of the most renowned and well-established brands; thus, they choose us to spread their brand awareness with our AIoT-enabled mall advertising solutions.

Till now, we have worked with several renowned brands of different industry segments, which I am feeling proud to share with you.

Brands we have worked with:

Brillare, Coco Nutya, Costa Coffee, Melorra, Netflix, Pizza Hut, Spykar, Tanishq, and Zepto.


Well, I hope you learned a lot through this article that you can use to generate more ROI for your business.

I have seen many business owners have great business ideas, but (still) they still could not (couldn’t) implement them. The reason behind it is the lack of funds for a startup. Just because many of them are stuck only with outdoor advertising, they think of advertising as an unaffordable task for them.

Let me know the short reason behind it.

Earlier, the advertising platforms like OOH and DOOH need a minimum of 25 thousand investments per month in their initial period without even generating even a tiny portion of ROI in return. While with online advertising, they faced many problems like skipping and ignoring by the people, no option to track the live status of their ads, etc.

Here, DOA, the most cost-effective and reliable platform, comes into play to give them more brand exposure while generating maximum ROI.

Digital Outdoor Advertising eliminated all these problems, and business owners got their platform where they can start running their LED ads on the busiest premises of the most renowned malls at just Rs1 in the comfort of their homes. Here they get multiple features that other advertising methods are still struggling to face.

All in all, I just want to say that Digital Outdoor Advertising is the platform many business owners have waited for so long. This is the only platform where they can get maximum return on investment with the minimum cost possible.

If you are also looking for a platform to get the maximum brand exposure for your business, then DOA is the one you should opt for.


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